Terms & Conditions

Please refer to the Platform Advertising Limited Rate Card. All prices are quoted in NZ $ unless otherwise specified.

1. You are required to pay for the goods and/ or services on completion or within 7 days of receiving the invoice or unless otherwise agreed; 

  • If we agree, we will adjust your payment for the 20th of the following month term.
  • We may charge you interest at a rate of 10% for overdue accounts.
  • Progress payments will apply for website builds and larger projects. Detail will be provided at the time of quoting.

2. Any work that is requested or discussed will be quoted or be as per our rate card +gst.

3. We will remain the owner of the goods you purchase from us;

a. Until all monies owed are paid in full.

b. Any work carried out by us should not be disclosed to any third parties until you are the owner.

c. All artwork is quoted and invoiced as final artwork only. The design files will remain the property of Platform Advertising Limited unless otherwise agreed.

4. You will be liable to pay any costs incurred by us in collecting or attempting to collect any overdue payments, including legal fees.

5. You will be required to pay any delivery and travel charges (if any) related to your order.

6. Risk of; damage, loss or theft, to the goods will pass to you on delivery or pick up.

7. We will not be liable to you for failure to deliver by a specified date or for loss caused by anything which is beyond our reasonable control.

8. Our liability to you is otherwise limited to the value of the goods and/or services supplied by us and associated with your order.

9. In regard to refusal of product or service, we may, at our option and as appropriate either;

a. Replace defective goods or offer them at a lower price as agreed by both parties.

b. Refund you the amount you paid us for the goods and or services, and retain the products.

10. We will not however, accept responsibility for any defective goods unless;

a. You notify us of the defect or complaint within 14 days of receiving the goods, and,

b. You will allow us to fully investigate your claim.

c. This clause will not apply to the extent that the law prohibits us from limiting our liability.

11. We may not accept a cancellation of an order unless; a. The goods are part of our normally held stock and we have received notice of cancellation before any work has been done or any goods have been dispatched for delivery.

12. All price estimations are subject to change at any time and;

a. We are not bound to invoice that estimated (verbal or written) price due to the many possible variations in the supplier’s prices and changes that can occur prior to the original figure given.

13. We reserve the right to make artistic/visual decisions regarding the final products or procedures supplied within our design trade responsibilities. Design proofs are an artistic impression only.

14. We reserve the right to use work that we have created for you, for our own company marketing material and retain intellectual property as the original creator/artist.