Ko Wai Mātou

Our Whānau

Managing Director

Ngāi te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui, Ngā Pōtiki, Ngāti Pukenga, Te Arawa

Blanche McMath

General Manager

Ngātiwai, Te Rarawa

Andrew McMath

Senior Designer

Ngāi te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui

Te Nawe Ngatai

Graphic Designer

Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāti Kahungunu

Awhina Anderson

Marketing Executive

Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Whakaue

Laura Smith

Graphic Designer

Te Whānau-ā-Apanui

Anika Stowers

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to weave the rich tapestry of Māori culture into the fabric of modern marketing, communications and design. We strive to create campaigns and brands that honour traditional values while embracing contemporary techniques and fostering meaningful connections between brands and communities. Through our work, we aim to empower and uplift Māori perspectives in every narrative.”

This mission statement outlines our commitment to integrating Māori culture with contemporary marketing and communications strategies. It speaks to the intent of creating respectful, effective campaigns that resonate with both Māori and wider audiences, emphasising the role of marketing, communications, and design in empowering and elevating Māori voices.


“To be the leading voice in culturally resonant marketing, communications & design, where Māori perspectives illuminate global conversations and shape a more inclusive and diverse marketplace.”

This vision focuses on establishing our agencies as a leader in culturally informed marketing, communications, and design. It emphasises the goal of bringing Māori perspectives to the diverse audience of Aotearoa, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the world of marketing, communications, and design.

Our Values

“At Platform Agency our mahi is guided by our set of values. We strive for excellence in every project.”

Building strong, lasting relationships with clients, communities, and team members, based on mutual respect, and understanding.

Acting as guardians of Māori culture in the marketing, communications, and design realm, ensuring that all campaigns are respectful, authentic, and culturally sensitive.

Continuously seeking innovative ways to blend traditional Māori culture with cutting-edge marketing, communications, and design techniques.

Providing the highest quality of service, striving for excellence in every project, and delivering successful results that exceed expectations for us those we work with.

Conducting business with the utmost integrity and transparency, honouring our commitments, and being accountable to our clients and our culture.

Engaging with and giving back to our communities, supporting initiatives that align with our values and contribute to the well-being of those communities.

Our Tohu

Our tohu symbolises the uniting of our two agencies Platform Agency and Tohu Studio. They are made up of two koru elements, one a T and the other a P. The koru symbolises growth, and transformation and represents our journey as a company from our beginning in 2013 with Platform to today and the addition of Tohu Studio. It represents our commitment to partnership and kotahitanga as well as to our nation’s own ongoing cultural transformation. Together our two koru elements form a mangopare (hammerhead shark) a kaitiaki of the sea and a symbol of strength and determination and our commitment to our clients and the kaupapa and projects we are privileged to work on.

Our tohu explanation


Ngāi te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui, Ngā Pōtiki, Ngāti Pūkenga, Te Arawa

About me: Proud of my whakapapa and grateful to get to live and work in my turangawaewae. Passionate about all things marketing and communications and have spent the better part of the last two decades mastering my craft which is the realm where creativity meets analysis! I love to transform the ordinary into extraordinary marketing masterpieces.

My Secret Sauce: Innovative Brand Storytelling: Creating compelling brand narratives that captivate and engage audiences.

Insightful Data Analysis: Deciphering consumer behaviour through expert data analysis and interpretation.

Strategic Campaign Creation: Developing campaigns that capture attention, persuade, and drive conversions.

Digital Mastery: Excelling in the digital landscape with proficiency and skill.

Experience: Two Decades of Marketing Marvels: From scrappy startups to leading lights in the corporate sky, I’ve painted success stories across various canvases.

Viral Visionary: Masterminded campaigns that caught fire on social media, spreading faster than wildfire.

Market Research Maverick: Unearthed insights that turned unknowns into market leaders.

What I Believe: “Great marketing doesn’t just sell products; it tells a story.” I’m passionate about creating narratives that resonate and building brands that not only stand out but stand for something.

Off-Duty Antics: When I’m not working my communications and marketing magic, you will likely find me either skiing down maunga or walking up them. Swimming, surfing and snorkelling are also right up there on the list of favourite things to do along with whipping up a culinary storm in my kitchen.

Andrew McMath

Ngāi te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui, Ngā Pōtiki, Ngāti Pūkenga, Te Arawa

About Me: I am Andrew McMath, a distinguished General Manager and a proud alumnus of Waikato University with a degree in Public Management. My cultural identity is deeply rooted in being a member of Ngātiwai and Te Rarawa Iwi. I approach challenges with a solution focused mindset, committed to engaging relevant stakeholders and fostering open, honest, and considered communication. My educational journey at Hato Petera College reflects a rich blend of academic achievement and cultural connection.

My Secret Sauce: My ability to lead diverse teams under pressure, consistently delivering agreed-upon outcomes, is the cornerstone of my success. A strategic mindset defines my comprehensive skill set, spanning business and strategic planning, people management, contract and financial management, issue resolution, effective escalation, and conflict management. Transparency and strong leadership amalgamate to define my approach, ensuring successful navigation through complex challenges.

Experience: In terms of experience, I bring 14 years as a senior manager, being instrumental in significant ICT projects, managing budgets in the millions, and overseeing various short-term projects. In the public sector, I’ve successfully led large divisions, excelling in business and strategic planning, people management, contract and financial management, and more. My roles include reporting to Council, engaging consultants, recruitment, mentoring, coaching, professional development, and a strong focus on internal and external stakeholder engagement. As a trustee for Ngātiwai, I seamlessly intertwine my professional and cultural responsibilities.

Off-Duty Antics: Beyond the professional realm, my off-duty antics involve finding solace in whānau-centered activities. My love for fishing and diving not only showcases my adventurous side but also emphasises my dedication to maintaining a balanced and fulfilling personal life. This passion for outdoor activities underscores my commitment to a holistic lifestyle.

Te Nawe Ngatai

Ngāi te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui

About Me: After graduating from the University of Waikato with a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design, I returned home to the sunny Bay of Plenty. Hoping to get my foot in the door of the graphic design industry, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work at Platform Advertising. Under the guidance of many other creatives, I look forward to learning and expanding my skills.

My secret sauce: Digital Alchemist: I bring brands to life with visually compelling and user-friendly online experiences.

Brand Visionary: Ensuring a cohesive and impactful identity across various touchpoints.

Solution Maestro: I thrive in turning challenges into creative and innovative solutions.

Experience: I have honed my skills over the past 5 years, beginning my journey as a Junior Designer at Platform Agency. During this time, I played a pivotal role in elevating the digital presence of diverse clients, utilising my expertise in website design and development. This experience allowed me to contribute significantly to the growth of the agency. Prior to this, I gained valuable insights at Māori Television and Ngāi Tukairangi Trust, where I developed a deep appreciation for the intersection of culture and design. Working my way up from a Junior Designer at Platform Agency, I have successfully led the redesign of numerous websites and played a key role in shaping brand identities that resonate withaudiences.

Off-duty antics: When I’m not immersed in the world of design, I’m on a quest for adventure, seeking every opportunity to explore the world. When it’s time to wind down, my haven is with whānau and our blonde border collie, Blue.

Awhina Anderson

Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāti Kahungunu

About Me: Having grown up in Tauranga Moana, Te Puna, I was nurtured by the richness of my whānau land and the nearby sea. My childhood was filled with days spent outdoors, joyously running around with my cousins. As I entered High School, netball became my primary focus, occupying much of my free time. Upon completing my education at MANUKURA boarding school, I returned to Tauranga to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design.

My Secret Sauce: Communication Skills: Being able to understand clients’ needs, present ideas effectively, and collaborate with team members.

Adobe Creative Suite: Proficiency in software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for graphic creation, editing, and layout design.

Creativity and Innovation: Constantly evolving and thinking creatively to come up with original, innovative design solutions.

Experience: Bringing three years of committed experience as a graphic designer, I offer a rich blend of creativity, skill, and a distinctive viewpoint to every project. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to contribute to a variety of projects, spanning from transformative branding endeavours to crafting compelling marketing materials that foster engagement.

Off-Duty Antics: During my free time, I thoroughly enjoy a good cup of coffee while basking in the sun, listening to a bit of RnB or Reggae music.

Laura Smith

Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Whakaue

About Me: Kia ora koutou katoa. Ko Laura tōku ingoa, he uri ahau nō Ngāpuhi me Ngāti Whakaue. I tipu ake ahau ki Tauranga. My name is Laura, I am a descendant of Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Whakaue. I grew up in Tauranga Moana where I attended Aquinas College. After high school I moved to the Waikato to pursue a Bachelor of Communication Studies majoring in Marketing and minoring in Strategic Management and Public Relations. Before working at Platform Agency, I spent a year studying Te Tohu Paetahi – a full Māori immersion diploma. I am passionate about networking, marketing and event planning. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Platform Agency and to apply and develop my skills.
My Secret Sauce: My secret sauce blends marketing, strategic management, PR, te Reo Māori, and social media expertise.
Strategic Management: Equipped with strategic thinking skills to identify business goals and develop comprehensive strategies.
Public Relations: Skilled in fostering positive relationships across diverse stakeholders and crafting compelling narratives for effective communication.
Adaptability: Thriving in dynamic environments, embracing change and adjusting strategies to meet evolving challenges
Experience: I have a Bachelor of Communication Studies at the University of Waikato. I also completed Te Tohu Paetahi, a te reo Māori immersion diploma.I gained valuable experience working on the marketing strategy and social media for Toi Kai Rawa’s Toi ki Tua Internship Programme, which led me to discover Platform Agency.
Off-Duty Antics: In my spare time, my favourite things to do are spend time with friends and whānau and explore the outdoors. I love sunsets, reading, and reggae music.

Anika Stowers

Te Whānau-ā-Apanui

About Me: I am a Design Intern born and raised in Tauranga, NZ. I studied at the University of Waikato and acquired a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Interface Design and minoring in Communication Design. My journey in design stems from my love for all things creative—from art to cooking and even makeup.

My Secret Sauce: Interface Design: Proficient in crafting visually appealing and user-friendly website & app interfaces.

Graphic Design: Skilled in various aspects of design e.g. design thinking, using Adobe applications, conveying messages and ideas effectively through visual design.

Experience: Three Years of University: I gained a Bachelor of Design with a major in Interface Design and a minor in Communication Design. Gaining theoretical and practical knowledge to complement my design skills.

Internship at ĀKI Innovations: I contributed to the design of a booklet and created a website prototype based on the booklet’s content. I have practical experience in translating design concepts/ideas into digital interfaces.

Client Website Design: Designed and created a website for a client using Wix during University studies. I applied theoretical knowledge to deliver a functional and visually appealing digital platform that met the client’s needs.

Off-Duty Antics: I enjoy going for walks and I value quality time with friends and family outside the design realm. I express my creativity through art exploration, and I find relaxation in swimming and doing yoga—a perfect balance to the creative process.