Ko Wai Mātou

Platform Agency, strategic marketing and communications for Aotearoa and the world.  

We navigate the ever changing waves of communication in the digital age. Whether we’re crafting transformative communications strategies or igniting thought-provoking marketing campaigns our journey is one of cultural integrity and inclusivity. Just as the sea unites diverse ecosystems, we foster relationships that bridge gaps and cultivate shared success. 



Dive into Tohu, where the currents of mātauranga Māori and contemporary design flow together. We’re not just a design agency; we’re navigators charting new creative horizons, anchored in the timeless wisdom of Māori. Our design philosophy is like the ocean – deep, ever-changing, and rich with hidden treasures. At Tohu, we embrace the fluidity and strength of our nation’s whakapapa, creating designs that resonate with the rhythm of the sea and the pulse of modern aesthetics. 

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to weave the rich tapestry of Māori culture into the fabric of modern marketing, communications and design. We strive to create campaigns and brands that honour traditional values while embracing contemporary techniques and fostering meaningful connections between brands and communities. Through our work, we aim to empower and uplift Māori perspectives in every narrative.”

This mission statement outlines our commitment to integrating Māori culture with contemporary marketing and communications strategies. It speaks to the intent of creating respectful, effective campaigns that resonate with both Māori and wider audiences, emphasising the role of marketing, communications, and design in empowering and elevating Māori voices.


“To be the leading voice in culturally resonant marketing, communications & design, where Māori perspectives illuminate global conversations and shape a more inclusive and diverse marketplace.”

This vision focuses on establishing our agencies as a leader in culturally informed marketing, communications, and design. It emphasises the goal of bringing Māori perspectives to the diverse audience of Aotearoa, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the world of marketing, communications, and design.

Our Values

“At Platform Agency our mahi is guided by our set of values. We strive for excellence in every project.”

Building strong, lasting relationships with clients, communities, and team members, based on mutual respect, and understanding.

Acting as guardians of Māori culture in the marketing, communications, and design realm, ensuring that all campaigns are respectful, authentic, and culturally sensitive.

Continuously seeking innovative ways to blend traditional Māori culture with cutting-edge marketing, communications, and design techniques.

Providing the highest quality of service, striving for excellence in every project, and delivering successful results that exceed expectations for us those we work with.

Conducting business with the utmost integrity and transparency, honouring our commitments, and being accountable to our clients and our culture.

Engaging with and giving back to our communities, supporting initiatives that align with our values and contribute to the well-being of those communities.

Our Tohu

Our tohu symbolises the uniting of our two agencies Platform Agency and Tohu Studio. They are made up of two koru elements, one a T and the other a P. The koru symbolises growth, and transformation and represents our journey as a company from our beginning in 2013 with Platform to today and the addition of Tohu Studio. It represents our commitment to partnership and kotahitanga as well as to our nation’s own ongoing cultural transformation. Together our two koru elements form a mangopare (hammerhead shark) a kaitiaki of the sea and a symbol of strength and determination and our commitment to our clients and the kaupapa and projects we are privileged to work on.

Our tohu explanation

Our Whānau

Blanche McMath


Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāi te Rangi, Ngāti Pukenga

Blanche McMath

General Manager

Ngāti Wai

Andrew McMath

Senior Creative

Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāi te Rangi

Tukara Matthews


Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāi te Rangi

Te Nawe Ngatai

Intern Creative


Natahlia Lee