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Welcome to Platform Agency, strategic marketing and communications for Aotearoa and the world.  

We navigate the ever changing waves of communication in the digital age. Whether we’re crafting transformative communications strategies or igniting thought-provoking marketing campaigns our journey is one of cultural integrity and inclusivity. Just as the sea unites diverse ecosystems, we foster relationships that bridge gaps and cultivate shared success. 

Dive into Tohu, where the currents of mātauranga Māori and contemporary design flow together. We’re not just a design agency; we’re navigators charting new creative horizons, anchored in the timeless wisdom of Māori. Our design philosophy is like the ocean – deep, ever-changing, and rich with hidden treasures. At Tohu, we embrace the fluidity and strength of our nation’s whakapapa, creating designs that resonate with the rhythm of the sea and the pulse of modern aesthetics. 


Our Mahi

I orea te tuatara ka puta ki waho

A problem is solved by continuing to find solutions.

Our Clients

  • Ranginui Fisheries Annual Report
  • OKT Banner
  • NZ Louvres Brochure

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